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Chassis Engineering

Promech Technologies applies its knowledge in chassis and drive line engineering to meet the diverse needs of vehicle manufacturers and converters.

Bespoke Chassis design

The vehicle user; front and centre of Promech’s critical thinking and rigorous design process.

Unparalleled market experience underpins quantitative and qualitative research to deliver task-specific, safe, ergonomically sound vehicles with best-in-class user experience.


There’s more to environmental sustainability than delivering zero emissions at the tailpipe.

Vehicle light-weighting, for example, is a specialist discipline that reduces kerbweight and increases payload, with the net effect of boosting efficiency and even removing vehicles from the road entirely. Promech leads the way on light-weighting, introducing innovative engineering materials and assembly techniques.

Type Approval

Vehicle Type Approval is the cornerstone of policy for vehicle safety and performance; the creation, adaption, modification and conversion of role-specific vehicles must remain compliant with appropriate rules and regulations. Promech, through its experienced and qualified consultant engineering teams, provides stakeholders with test and evaluation services to deliver Vehicle Type Approval compliance, alongside safe design and built-in Promech quality.

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